Welcome Real-time and Ingenico team on loyalty offering

Source: Welcome Real-time

Welcome Real-time, the global leader in innovative loyalty solutions, and Ingenico, the leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today unveiled a new loyalty solution for merchants.

This development makes Welcome Real-time's recently announced Loyalty Impact: At Store available on the Incendo Online platform from Ingenico.

At Store on Incendo Online gives merchants the opportunity to set up customized loyalty programmes for their business through their payment terminal. The off-the-shelf solution, which is pre-integrated with the POS device, allows acquirers to add value to the payment services they offer their merchants. An innovative anonymous enrollment method, coupled with Incendo Online's secure client-server platform, enables merchants to instantly engage their customers at the moment of payment without collecting any personal data, and to do so independently from the customer's bank.

"Partnering with Welcome Real-time has enabled us to offer one of the most innovative loyalty solutions on the market to our merchant customers via our online platform," said Christopher Coonen, EVP Global Solutions Sales, Marketing & Strategy at Ingenico. "In a highly competitive environment, merchants are looking for new methods to attract and retain loyal customers while terminal estate owners and banks are looking at increasing their value proposition towards merchants. Implementing At Store on Incendo Online will allow these players to reach their sales and marketing targets."

Philippe David, CEO of Welcome Real-time said: "The association of Incendo Online and Loyalty Impact: At Store brings direct benefits to all players: acquirers, merchants and customers. It allows value-added services to be delivered to the customer at the moment of payment, helping to maximize customer satisfaction. The solution's high-speed processing time also ensures that while the customer is always recognized and can be rewarded at the point of sale they are not kept waiting as a result." 

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