I-exceed unveils unified app development suite

Source: i-exceed

I-exceed announced the launch of its product Appzillon, a Unified App Development suite, at Sibos today.

Appzillon is an app development platform which enables developers to create apps for multiple mobile, tablet, desktop and laptops platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows), in a highly efficient manner. Following true Service Oriented Architecture, the platform creates apps, which are easily integrated into the ecosystem of the enterprise. All these are achieved by the platform by using a unique set of technologies developed by i-exceed.

Considering the exponential growth in mobile and tablet adoption, it is imperative that Banks and Financial Services Institutions make their customer facing and internal applications, available on these devices in a very short timeframe. Banks and financial institutions need to bring this new technology to corporate, investment and institutional customers, and increase the availability of apps for internal users at the same time. This transformation of user interface should be done in a least disruptive way so as to minimize the effort and risk of integration.

Mr. Joseph John, Managing Director of i-exceed commented that, "AppzillonTM is a platform which will enable mobilization, transformation and unification of the User Interface strategy of an enterprise, at a fraction of the cost and time, with ease of integration to existing ecosystem. This will help the enterprise cut down the timeframe and reduce the risk associated with such exercises while improving the customer and user experience." 

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