Inside Secure launches secure element

Source: Inside Secure

Inside Secure, a leader in semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, today entered the secure element market with the introduction of the VaultSEcure IC, a secure element that is ready to transform NFC mobile commerce while setting new industry benchmarks.

The VaultSEcure IC for the first time allows multiple trusted third parties to independently install and control their own applets in the same secure element, and introduces Secure Memory Swap technology, an INSIDE Secure exclusive that provides OEMs with the most cost-effective and secure method for achieving very large storage capacity for SE applets.

"As the first Global Platform 2.2-compliant secure element, our VaultSEcure IC marks an industry milestone as the first device of its kind to enable secure element co-ownership and solve the control issues that have stymied the rapid rollout of mobile commerce applications," said Pierre Garnier, Executive Vice President of the NFC and Secure Payment Divisions at INSIDE Secure. "With the availability of the VaultSEcure IC, smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators and other trusted third parties can co-own the SE and install, personalize and administer their own open- or closed-loop payment, access control, transit, loyalty or other secure applets."

A secure element employs strong encryption, memory and a microprocessor to provide a trusted and secure environment for storing a variety of applications and data for payment and other secure transactions, including credit card, transit, ticketing, building access and identity.

As others rush to provide ever greater, and ever more costly SE memory capacities, INSIDE Secure has taken a fresh approach with its Secure Memory Swap technology, which offers virtually unlimited storage for applet libraries at almost no cost. Using advanced cryptographic techniques, the INSIDE Secure Memory Swap solution allows less frequently used applets to be securely stored in available host memory, and then moved back into the SE memory for execution as needed based on a number of contextual factors, such as location, date and time, first tap and more. Thus, for example, when traveling from New York to Paris, the MTA transit fare applet in a user's smartphoone SE can automatically be swapped for the Paris Metro transit fare applet based on the new location, or a building access applet can be swapped out on weekends and holidays.

The INSIDE Secure VaultSEcure IC is the first SE to offer a full complement of external interfaces for host connectivity to support all use cases. These include DCLB, ISO7816-4 and single-wire protocol (SWP) interfaces for traditional embedded SE (eSE) applications connecting to an NFC contactless front end IC for NFC SIM card and NFC microSD applications and for use with connectivity combo or multicom chips containing their own NFC functionality.

INSIDE Secure delivers the VaultSEcure IC with the largest and most comprehensive suite of pre-loaded and certified branded payment, access control and banking applets in the industry, including Visa VMPA, MasterCard PayPass Mobile, First Data CertiFlash Mobile, OSPT CIPURSE, HID SEOS and SecureKey OneTap applets. INSIDE Secure also provides the most advanced toolbox of pre-loaded NFC enablement applets for EMV white label, NFC-ID, couponing, gift and loyalty cards, closed-loop payment, transit fare collection, cryptography and more.

Based on the INSIDE Secure VaultIC(R) architecture, VaultSEcure IC is the first standalone secure element from INSIDE Secure, and this core technology is expected to be integrated into additional solutions from the company. The VaultSEcure IC operating system is a third party Java Card 3.0.1 and GlobalPlatform 2.2 compliant (including amendments A, C and D), and can be updated over the air. With a 560K-byte core and about 300K bytes available for applets, the VaultSEcure IC has the greatest memory capacity in its class today. 

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