Oberthur Card Systems joins Multos consortium


Oberthur Card Systems has joined the MULTOS Consortium to assist in developing the next generation of open smart card platforms. Recurring No. 1 supplier of MasterCard and Visa branded payment cards worldwide, Oberthur is a market leader in the delivery of microprocessor cards to the banking sector.

Oberthur Card Systems was one of the first card manufacturers to supply cards based on the MULTOS operating system and has since been a leading supplier to some of the world's largest MULTOS projects. It has also developed security evaluated payment applications on MULTOS devices for the financial markets. The company went on to become the first "MULTOS Issuance Partner" – a one-stop-shop programme launched by the MULTOS Key Management Authority to allow the bureau to offer issuers easier personalisation, co-ordination and issuance process management.

"In line with a long fruitful partnership, joining the MULTOS Consortium is a major milestone for our goal to actively participate to the development of Multi application card and standards in the smart card arena," said Didier Serodon, Head of the Payment Division for Oberthur Card Systems.

"We welcome Oberthur Card Systems to the Consortium. The company is a long-standing partner of ours, and the Consortium will benefit greatly from Oberthur's technical and business contributions" said Steve Everhard, CEO of MAOSCO.

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