S&P launches Ratings IQuery for fixed income

Source: Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's today launches its web-based research and reporting tool, Ratings IQuery, to equip fixed income professionals with unprecedented functionality for mining its vast historical credit ratings database.

Ratings IQuery expands the range of research tools available for the analysis of historical ratings information, the identification of trends and the creation of benchmarks and quantitative studies.

Ratings IQuery enables analysts, portfolio managers, risk managers, treasurers and compliance officers to create their own real-time ratings lists on global issuers. It provides the ability to search on specific issues, issuers, securities identifiers, servicers, tranches and pools with over 50 data fields per issue. The product provides email alerts of ratings changes on a real-time, daily or weekly basis. In addition, users can personalize their online displays and download sophisticated queries into Microsoft Excel, tab-delimited and pipe-delimited formats, as well as an optional XML format.

"Meeting intensified market demand for faster access to more complex and reliable fixed income data, Ratings IQuery allows users to research our robust credit ratings information repository with optimum power and precision," said Krishna Biltoo, Managing Director at Standard & Poor's. "Standard & Poor's now provides additional value to our market-leading credit ratings and research solutions with a powerful tool that allows for more insightful research and reporting."

Ratings IQuery is available on a stand-alone basis and also works alongside Standard & Poor's RatingsDirect and RatingsXpress. RatingsDirect is a leading source of real-time, web-based credit research. RatingsXpress – Credit Ratings is the customizable global credit information ratings data feed available in various formats. Multi-user and site licenses for Ratings IQuery are available.

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