Greenline adds proprietary protocol support for MagniFIX; delivers VeriFIX to Primary

Source: Greenline Financial Technologies

Greenline Financial Technologies, a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, today announced the completion of proprietary protocol support for MagniFIX, Greenline's automated monitoring tool.

These latest enhancements make MagniFIX 6.0 the industry's most complete monitoring solution for global trading systems.

Greenline's MagniFIX is the only consolidated tool with the ability to monitor across systems that use any version of the FIX protocol, as well as over 60 proprietary protocols from major exchanges, market data vendors, clearinghouses and technology vendors. MagniFIX allows users to identify and diagnose issues before they become a problem by providing comprehensive visibility across multiple environments and counterparties.

Global trading firms can also now leverage the MagniFIX WebClient, making it easier for multiple users to monitor activity across all systems and from various geographies and time zones, on a single web-based interface. In addition, brokers, networks, and exchanges that want their clients to have a controlled view of their trades and connection status can provide a distributed MagniFIX client to those customers.

Greenline customers that use VeriFIX for automated testing of proprietary protocols can easily use MagniFIX to complement their automated testing strategy. By using both VeriFIX and MagniFIX, users can establish a cycle of quality control, for example by using insight from MagniFIX to enhance the test cases in VeriFIX. Data can be immediately digested and acted upon.

"MagniFIX 6.0 provides automated monitoring across the largest database of proprietary protocols. The adoption of proprietary protocols in addition to FIX has rapidly grown as firms expand their trading relationships and broaden their access to new trading destinations. Keeping pace with each changing protocol specification or new protocol on the market can be daunting and labor-intensive, and requires significant investment. Greenline has leveraged its wealth of capital markets technology expertise and invested in the development of multi-protocol tools in order to save our clients the resources and time," said Josh Tolman, President, Greenline. 

Separately, Greenline Financial Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, today announced it has delivered VeriFIX, Greenline's automated connectivity testing tool, to Primary, the leading capital markets technology firm in Argentina. Primary used VeriFIX to test its FIX trading platform and trading interfaces.

The Primary FIX trading platform provides transactional access to ROFEX, Argentina's largest futures exchange. Primary is one of the first providers of electronic trading services in the region to use the international FIX Protocol messaging standard, and its FIX-enabled trading platform allows for connectivity to other regional and global marketplaces.

Greenline's VeriFIX is the industry's leading solution for automated testing of multiple market gateways and exchange destinations. VeriFIX is available 24/7 and supports both FIX and proprietary protocols. VeriFIX does not interfere with live systems, therefore clients can complete a variety of test case scenarios and eliminate the need for costly manual testing. Primary was able to complete a greater number of testing scenarios within a flexible timeframe.

"We chose Greenline's VeriFIX for its superior technology and reliable results. VeriFIX is a flexible tool that offers broader test-case coverage and better bug discovery. Greenline's robust solution enabled our technologists to complete testing against multiple interfaces and for all of the latest FIX Protocol languages supported. The stability of the VeriFIX tool helps maintain quality and performance for our clients during the testing period," said Sebastian Ferro, Chief Executive, Primary.

"Greenline has provided electronic trading technology solutions to the largest and most innovative Latin American marketplaces. We are pleased to work with Primary, a leader in trading technology in Argentina, to support the continued evolution of electronic trading in the region," said Josh Tolman, president, Greenline.

"We believe that comprehensive quality assurance testing should deliver reliable, actionable results. VeriFIX can test across all components of the trading infrastructure and deliver real-time results for our clients to better address technical issues and reach the finish line in the development process. Our customers value the stability and flexibility of VeriFIX," said Diego Anfossi, Project Manager, Greenline. 

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