UNX offers Goldman Sachs algorithmic trading models

Source: UNX

UNX, Inc., the independent institutional brokerage and market structure experts, today announced an agreement with Goldman Sachs to supply clients with access to Goldman Sachs Algorithmic Trading (GSAT) via UNX's Open Algorithm Network.

GSAT is a suite of algorithmic models, sophisticated order types and analytics that derive pricing and trading estimates based on historical volume patterns, a proprietary trading cost model, real-time market data, and parameters selected by GSAT users.

UNX provides customizable trading solutions for institutional investors to meet a wide range of trading needs with advanced functionality, proprietary technology and superior client service. The UNX Open Algorithm Network combines the company’s rich integration and rule-based routing capabilities with the diverse trading offered by sophisticated algorithm providers.

"Access to the GSAT algorithmic models will provide clients with new strategic capabilities that can improve the overall quality of trade implementation," said Randy Abernethy, CEO of UNX. "As we continue to expand the breadth of trading tools we offer and bring new efficiencies to the marketplace, traders can centralize their workflow and streamline operations through our consolidated and open platform."

"As the US equities market becomes ever more electronic, it is increasingly important for institutions to have comprehensive connectivity and fluid solutions for OMS integration, DMA, algorithms, and trade operations," Mr. Abernethy continued. "We strive to bring these solutions to every client."

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