Clear2Pay and TestPlant team on mobile payment app testing tool

Source: Clear2Pay

Clear2Pay, the international technology provider of next generation payment solutions, and TestPlant, international provider of test solutions, today jointly announce The Mobile Payment App Test Solution facilitating application vendors and mobile issuers to launch secure, robust and interoperable mobile payment applications.

The tool enables to simultaneously control and/or simulate all interfaces of the mobile ecosystem, features flexible test automation including Graphical User Interface validation.

The hyper growth of mobile applications and wallets comes with the challenge of releasing secure apps in a device agnostic manner: stable on multiple portable devices and platforms. Quality assurance and verification of conformance to industry standards is a complex, time-consuming and costly task, especially when testing manually. Also, consumers expect a positive, inspiring experience from the start and rigorous testing is the only way to ensure quality of service and engender deep-seated notions of trust and security around mobility.

This latest generation of mobile testing offers application vendors and mobile issuers the essential three-piece test harness, in one single tool:

• Simulation: A handset-based mobile application interacts with multiple components like a contactless (NFC) POS device, a payment card application on a UICC, a mobile gateway, etc. By simulating these components, the testers and even developers fully control the environment, even when some are not yet fully available in the real system.

• Test Scripting: By running predefined, customizable test scripts that automatically configure the simulators, the behavior of the mobile payment application can be verified under different circumstances. Test script automation in this way reduces manual manipulation of the simulators, excludes human errors and increases repeatability.

• Graphical User Interface Test Automation: Most use cases of a mobile payment application are triggered from a graphical user interface, requiring the user to enter data and to click buttons. With the joint test Clear2Pay/TestPlant solution, these user actions can be fully automated. Eliminating human interaction increases accuracy, performance and gains time and money.

Antony Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at TestPlant states: "We are excited to be working closely with Clear2Pay to provide the most powerful test automation tools to the mobile payments industry. Clear2Pay's experience with mobile payments and TestPlant's experience with UI test automation are a perfect combination. The joint solution offers mobile payment developers an easy-to-use, non-invasive solution that they can use in any environment."

Marie Costers, Director of Operations Open Test Solutions at Clear2Pay adds:"Mobile applications impact our daily lives but they also influence the testing strategies of providers and issuers. The partnership with TestPlant takes mobile app testing to the ultimate level allowing providers and issuers to launch their applications faster, cost-efficiently and with the power to perform thus ensuring a rich, secure customer experience." 

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