Exegy and StreamBase partner to enable cross-asset class algo trading

Source: Exegy and StreamBase

Exegy and StreamBase today announce a partnership that allows firms to develop and deploy their algorithms in multiple asset classes at high speed.

The technology partnership enables banks and hedge funds to manage the ever increasing amounts of equities, FX, futures, and options data needed for algorithmic trading strategies, back testing, pricing, and smart order routing, and to do so at competitive speeds.

The Exegy Ticker Plant provides a high capacity source for ultra low latency data, in a normalized stream of level 1, level 2 and proprietary hardware accelerated calculations to keep the StreamBase Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform up to date. Raw and consolidated market data captured by the Exegy Ticker Plant is fed into StreamBase CEP via Infiniband and memory sharing techniques reducing latency to an absolute minimum.

"The integration of high-speed data handlers with superfast CEP engines is a natural marriage that brings together two of the most important pieces of technology within any high-speed trading environment," says Alex Tabb, partner at TABB Group, the capital markets research and strategic advisory firm. "Creating a single, integrated, optimized platform for managing incoming data from the time it hits your NIC to the time it leaves your CEP engine is 'a no-brainer,' providing value by laying off complexity, eliminating user-integration issues and improving the overall performance of your trading environment."

"The integration between Exegy and StreamBase gives firms the flexibility, time to market, and performance needed in these demanding times," Scott Parsons, CTO at Exegy said. "Our StreamBase partnership allows banks and hedge funds to rapidly deploy algorithmic and quantitative strategies using the extraordinary strength of Exegy to deal with massive volumes of market data. Parallel processing techniques such as using FPGAs in the Exegy Ticker Plant assures that ultra low latency is reliably delivered even at moments of maximum market turmoil."

Richard Tibbetts, CTO at StreamBase said: "By partnering with Exegy, our customers can continue to focus on modifying their StreamBase algorithms and adjust them appropriately to the ever-changing market conditions without worrying about data overload or getting behind the market." 

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