Delta Lloyd Group selects SynerScope visual analysis software

Source: SynerScope

SynerScope and Delta Lloyd Group have reached an agreement on delivery and implementation of SynerScope's visual analysis software.

Delta Lloyd, the fourth largest insurance company in the Netherlands shall deploy this software for the analysis of amongst others insurance claims. The primary objective is the detection and prevention of fraud.

Most incidents reported each year to the Dutch Center for Prevention of Insurance Fraud are related to car, fire and health insurance claims. The cost of insurance fraud in The Netherlands is estimated at one billion Euro per year.

Hanneke Rossino, Director Group Integrity at Delta Lloyd: " It is necessary to detect and reduce insurance fraud. We looked for a strategic analytical solution helping us to take a leading position in the detection and prevention of fraud. SynerScope offers a powerful solution for the analysis of large amounts of claims data in one single session and is both efficient and user friendly. "Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO SynerScope about the cooperation with Delta Lloyd: "We start a cooperation in which Delta Lloyd can actively influence our product development."

SynerScope is a breakthrough for the complex data analysis in insurance. The more traditional expert systems for data- and fraud investigations require that all knowledge is first codified and captured in models which require regular maintenance by vendor staff. SynerScope, on the contrary, directly plots very large tables of data into a rich graphic representation. This enables a fast and easy analysis by looking for patterns in the data.

"SynerScope maximizes the ability of pattern recognition of the human brain" says Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO of SynerScope. "This makes for a very flexible software solution, both for new questions asked and new data structures to process, with very limited need for support by consultants. The fast implementation of the software, which can be ready within only a few weeks, and the short training period required make SynerScope a unique proposition." 

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