Servebase launches ANYpay payment platform

Source: Servebase

Servebase, a leading provider of global multi-channel payment solutions announces the launch of its next generation payment platform, ANYpay.

Created to enable merchants to efficiently address the demands of consumers, the ANYpay platform allows merchants to "Mix and Match" on a modular basis, elements of its multi-channel payment solution to best fit the buying habits of their customers.

ANYpay brings the ability for merchants to manage any payment device across any application, from a centralised intelligent hub via the Cloud. The hosted platform integrates seamlessly into any application and allows merchants to select their chosen sales channels while enjoying further value added services such as Real- Time Analytics, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Tax Free Shopping, Electronic Charity Box and Mobile POS.

Merchants face many challenges: multi payment channels to coordinate, adhering to global and localised standards, the risk of fraud and greater security compliance requirements. ANYpay allows merchants to expand or adapt their sales channels when they need to, ultimately allowing them to grow their business through focussing on what they do best without payments and complicated systems hindering them. It enables merchants to process card transactions quickly, securely, in multiple territories and currencies, making global standards such as EMV chip and PIN and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) achievable.

Ritz Steytler, CEO commented: "Payments are a challenge for any merchant; especially for those who see the buying experience for the consumer as equally as important as the product or service they are selling. We are very proud to launch our next generation payment platform, ANYpay. The "Plug and Play" and "Mix and Match" format provides a fully-integrated customer journey across multiple channels by allowing easy access to the right combination of applications, payment devices, value added services, geographies, processors and sales channels to result in the best payment infrastructure for your business and to be able to adapt it as and when necessary, jjust as your customers will continuously change their habits."

Through its secure and resilient technology ANYpay enables merchants to negate any concern of transaction processing costs spiralling out of control or loss of business through lack of uptime or speed. It gives them the control to expand or change their business reach quickly and easily, enhancing customer loyalty by aligning payment capabilities with buying choices.

ANYpay has evolved over the last three years from Servebase's extensive payment experience and has already been proven at scale by a number of customers within the retail industry in over 30 countries. 

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