QuantQuote takes low latency real-time market data to the masses

Source: QuantQuote

Today QuantQuote Inc, a leading provider of live and historical stock market data, extended its commitment to the retail trading space with the introduction of TickView 8.

The newest version of TickView represents a significant improvement over previous iterations which have been on the market since 2001. Over the last decade, TickView has garnered widespread adoption by hedge funds and institutional investors seeking extremely low latency realtime market data. With TickView 8, QuantQuote brings low latency stock data feeds to the retail investor.

TickView 8 marks the first time QuantQuote's highly acclaimed TickView realtime market data feed is available to clients who are not exchange colocated. "In recent months, we worked closely with our partners to develop a hyper-efficient data transfer protocol." says Dr. David Powell, Director of Research at QuantQuote, "We already knew that our Smart Burst Handling technology could scale down to slower connections so it was just a matter of putting the pieces together." The resulting product is a cleverly scaled down version of TickView which can be transmitted via the internet over lower bandwidth connections. According to Jerry Goldberg, Director of Sales at QuantQuote, the internet version of QuantQuote will be priced extremely competitively, starting at "several hundred dollars a month. It is without a doubt, the first professional feed solution to be offered at this price point".

Of course, QuantQuote's institutional and hedge fund clients have not been neglected and TickView 8 brings with it some key new features geared towards high speed algorithmic traders. "In the past 6 months, we have made significant infrastructure investments with the addition of a new 10GBit backbone in our datacenters and the rollout of high performance SolarFlare network cards to further reduce latency." says Dr. Powell, "Most importantly though, we are now aggregating data from the FINRA ADF". The addition of the FINRA ADF (Alternative Display Facility) will be a move welcomed by many TickView users. With the rise of dark pools, an increasingly number of shares are changing hands outside of traditional exchanges. Data from the FINRA ADF will allow TickView users to see dark pool trades reported to the ADF and make more informed trading decisions.

The opening of the TickView live data feed to clients connecting over the internet fits in well with QuantQuote's recent moves to reach out to retail investors. "By making true low latency realtime stock data available in a low cost feed," says Jerry Goldberg, "we hope to help sophisticated retail investors gain a competitive advantage". Already a leading provider of historical stock data to retail and institutional investors worldwide, QuantQuote now has another compelling product accessible to retail investors.

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