Citibank Korea introduces wheelchair-friendly ATMs

Source: Citibank

Citibank Korea announced the introduction of wheelchair-friendly ATMs in accordance with national standards. Supplied by Chungho ComNet, the ATMs will first be installed and operated in three Citibank branches.

In 2010, Citibank Korea completed the implementation of voice-guided services and screen-expansion services for the visually impaired across all ATMs. With the introduction of the wheelchair-friendly machines, Citibank Korea has now fully complied with the "CD/ATM Standards for Persons with Disabilities" established by the Bank of Korea's Committee on Financial Information.

With the new ATMs, wheelchair users will have better accessibility and convenience. They can use the machines from both the front and side, and enhancements were made so that that these machines would also cater to those with visual impairments.

The first wheelchair-friendly ATM will be placed at Citibank Korea's headquarters in Da-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul and later on in two other branches. Citibank Korea said, "The first three ATMs will serve as part of a pilot test to see what further improvements can be made for persons with disabilities."

The bank added, "The installment of these ATMs will gradually be extended to more branches so that all Citibank ATM users will have no difficulty using the bank's services."

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