SunGard unveils Asset Arena 360 for boutique asset managers

Source: SunGard

SunGard has launched Asset Arena 360, a new solution that will help boutique asset managers control their cost of operations, raise assets and shoulder the increasing burden of due diligence and compliance.

SunGard's Asset Arena 360 brings front and middle office processes onto a single platform, providing a complete view of clients' investments and exposures.

SunGard's Asset Arena 360 supports the entire investment value chain - portfolio analysis and simulation; compliance monitoring; risk management; trade execution and performance attribution; client reporting and back-office reconciliation. Its automated portfolio management processes helps investment boutiques concentrate on their core business and deliver improved services at a competitive price, resulting in stronger, more profitable client relationships. Reduced complexity of investment operations can help boost operational efficiency, resulting in lower costs and improved agility throughout the investment lifecycle. SunGard's Asset Arena 360 also helps boutiques to implement transparent investment processes while outsourcing their investment technology requirements to an experienced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider.

Lyn Marcrum, senior analyst at Aite Group, commented: "In a low interest rate environment, vanilla instruments struggle to deliver outstanding returns, and entrepreneurial investment boutiques offering exposure to specialist growth sectors are well positioned to benefit from these conditions. But investors have become more careful and have increased the compliance and due diligence information they require before making placements. A robust and transparent portfolio management system that provides functionality for the full investment cycle can help boutique asset managers satisfy stringent information requests from investors and regulators alike."

Martin Boyd, president of SunGard's asset management business, said, "While larger firms enjoy economies of scale, smaller players can prosper in their niche markets if they provide excellent service and benchmark-beating returns to their clients. We are pleased to launch Asset Arena 360 to help these firms meet groowth challenges and satisfy increased demands with an integrated front and middle office portfolio management solution that ticks three important boxes: controlled cost, expert support and customized functionality for boutique firms."

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