Hanse Orga develops central Sepa mandate management tool

Source: Hanse Orga

Inspired through customer projects, Hanse Orga is currently developing a new add-on that will enable the central management of Sepa mandates in SAP. The new Central Sepa Mandate Management will be available as of March 2013.

SEPA brings in its wake new requirements to the management of mandates which will be particularly challenging for corporates with a high workload of direct debits: the existing direct debit mandates can be maintained, however, they have to be enriched by SEPA-specific data in the future. Customers have to be informed that in future, direct debits will be carried out by using the new SEPA mandate data. The new Hanse Orga solution offers templates for sending pre-notifications that will become obligatory under SEPA. The

pre-notifications are automatically supplemented by information on the due date, creditor identifier, and mandate ID. Templates are also available for establishing new mandates that can be either sent as paper version or directly via e-mail. The original signed mandates have to be stored, and any changes to the mandates have to be consistently documented. With the Hanse Orga add-on, a full audit trail is achieved.

The new mandate management brings added value particularly for those corporates that have a heterogeneous system landscape where information is stored in many decentralised systems and subledgers. Where this diversity of systems is joined by a great number of mandates that have to be administered it is very challenging for corporates to main a central overview of all mandates and to keep track of any changes. With the new Hanse Orga mandate management tool, corporates gain reliable and fast visibility of their mandates, and they can easily synchronise the data across the various systems (SAP, Host, subledgers).

Thus all mandates are centrally visible and controllable. Moreover, the existing DTAUS files can be simply enriched by further information required under the new SEPA rules and with the information they can be automatically converted into new SEPA formats for direct debits (SDD). As a consequence, corporates do not have to spend much time or costs on converting old host-systems to the new requirements. Instead, they can make their mandate management fit for SEPA with this easy Hanse Orga solution, which also offers a post-processing function for an easy handling of exceptions.

To sum it up, the central SEPA Mandate Management of Hanse Orga offers great advantages for corporates with complex systems including a large range of decentralized subledgers. With the Hanse Orga too processes are streamlined and become auditable. Costs and time can be saved on the road to SEPA. 

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