ETA announces mobile committee vice-chairs

Source: Eletronic Transaction Association

The Electronic Transactions Association, the trade association of the global electronic payments industry, today announced the selection of two vice chairs for the ETA Mobile Payments Committee.

Kevin McKeand, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Major Account Development, Tabbedout, will chair the Best Practices sub-committee. John Mavraides, Vice President, Partnerships and Strategy, BilltoMobile, will chair the Education sub-committee. The announcement was made as ETA plans for the first in-person meeting of the Mobile Payments Committee in Palm Beach, Fla., on Oct. 16-18 during its annual Strategic Leadership Forum.

"ETA's new Mobile Payments Committee continues to attract our industry's top leaders, and we are honored to welcome two such visionaries, Kevin and John, to the team," said ETA Chief Executive Officer Jason Oxman. "As chairs of the Best Practices and Education sub-committees, Kevin and John will steer two of the Mobile Payments Committee's most important tasks: discussing a set of recommended best practices for all participants in the mobile payments ecosystem and helping the public better understand the benefits and opportunities from adoption of mobile payments."

The Best Practices sub-committee will develop and deliver information that ensures merchants and consumers have access to the most innovative and effective mobile payments solutions. Establishment of industry best practices will ensure that regardless of company, technology or platform, mobile payments products and services enhance and improve merchant sales while providing consumers a secure and reliable experience.

"As a nascent industry, mobile payments is just beginning to realize its full potential for merchants and consumers," said Kevin McKeand. "I'm excited to be at the forefront of developing and implementing the kind of solutions that will facilitate the phenomenal growth we know is the future of mobile payments."

The Education sub-committee will develop and deliver materials, such as policy briefs and white papers, to policymakers, merchants and consumers that explain the potential of mobile payments to provide an efficient, reliable and secure experieience at the point of purchase.

"There are many unresolved questions confronting the mobile payments industry, which ETA is dedicated to address," said John Mavraides. "One of our chief concerns is ensuring that government officials understand the complex issues facing the industry as well as our dedication to developing a system that protects both consumers and merchants."

ETA's Mobile Payments Committee held its inaugural organizational session in August where representatives from 45 top technology and payments companies conducted a teleconference to discuss the goals, challenges and action items moving forward. The Mobile Payments Committee will meet for the first time in-person during ETA's annual Strategic Leadership Forum in Palm Beach, Fla., Oct 16-18. In addition to the meeting of the Mobile Payments Committee, ETA's SLF event will feature prominent mobile payments professionals in educational and networking sessions that help attendees grow their businesses.

"ETA's Strategic Leadership Forum is a chance for our members to meet and interact with hundreds of frontline leaders, business visionaries and senior level professionals who are advancing the payments industry," said Oxman. "This year, attendees will also have the opportunity to strategize with representatives of the Mobile Payments Committee and learn about the exciting future of mobile payments."

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