EFront upgrades FrontInvest and FrontAnalytics

Source: eFront

EFront, a leading software provider of financial solutions for managing alternative investments, is pleased to announce a significant release of its flagship products FrontInvest and FrontAnalytics.

Their new and expanded capabilities serve all areas of private equity and real estate investment activity, including front office, portfolio and fund management, fund accounting and investment analysis.

The 7.1 release continues eFront's expansion in four strategic areas: enhanced functionality, better integration with third party or in-house systems, greater ease of use and faster deployment. FrontInvest provides superior tools for managing alternative investments; investor and investee portals enable faster, data-rich communication; FrontAnalytics provides the business intelligence needed for keener insights, quicker responses and reduced risk.

"Our latest product release continues to distance our alternative investment and private equity software solutions from other providers," commented Olivier Dellenbach, eFront founder and CEO. "In creating this new release, we carefully considered a great deal of customer input and concerns, while incorporating our own vision for the products and our industry."

As an expansion of eFront's front office capabilities, FrontInvest Deal Flow Management and Fund Raising now leverage FrontAnalytics dashboards for deeper pipeline analysis. This saves time and effort by enabling teams to slice and dice activity in real time across a multitude of variables. There is also a seamless integration with LinkedIn to automate the incorporation of rich contact and company information.

An exciting enhancement to FrontInvest Fund Management is the Investment Structure Operations feature, which automates the movement of cash through diagrammed structures in a single operation. Also, investing into multiple assets or instruments can now be managed as a single object. This serves to streamline capital call notice generation, reduce errors and provide additional transparency to investors.

FrontInvest for Real Estate has also been expanded with new capabilities that centralize access, management and reporting of information that typically resides in multiple systems. Lease management enhancements include the availability of many new tenant and property details.

eFront continues to build out its comprehensive set of pre-configurations based on industry best practices by region. eFront listened to client requests for more streamlined deployments and developed these best practices to help accelerate a project's design, planning and implementation phases. These offerings will especially benefit smaller to mid-size clients by simplifying their deployment efforts.

An important innovation to the FrontInvest platform comes in the shape of a powerful, visual query tool. It allows customers to quickly create custom searches for data residing across the product. Users can drag and drop objects to build a query, view and filter results in real time, export results to Excel and save the query for use across FrontInvest and FrontAnalytics.

eFront has simplified the creation of custom FrontAnalytics dashboards while also offering many new pre-built dashboards tailored for general partners, real estate investment analysis, understanding hedge fund investment liquidity and more. FrontAnalytics, a web-based application that is the first of its kind in the industry, quickly delivers dynamic insights to investors.

eFront's Investor and Investee Portals are an extension of FrontInvest that facilitate both the collection of information from invested entities and the provision of relevant data to investors. The FrontInvest Investor Portal now includes interactive dashboards, enhanced document management and LP-to-GP communications, as well as tighter integration with FrontInvest. The Investee Portal streamlines the process of obtaining financial information and other documentation from companies and properties.

David Miller, eFront's Chief Marketing Officer, sees the 7.1 release a part of a continuum of innovation. "The breadth of this release is significant and provides new benefits and capabilities for all of our customers," he said. "I'm confident that the innovations in this release will enable our customers to keep ahead of the changes that persist in the alternative investment industry."

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