Oracle Financial Services launces CRM tool

Source: Oracle Financial Services

Oracle Financial Services today introduced Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications for Customer Insight, a comprehensive solution that enables financial services institutions to gain a 360-degree view of customer relationships across finance, risk management and marketing for extended and actionable insight into customer behavior.

The solution helps financial institutions address long-standing customer data challenges by unifying customer views, supporting improvements in data consistency and timeliness, connecting business processes with analytical insight and, ultimately, linking customer behavior to its impact on the institution.

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications for Customer Insight includes four key applications:
• Oracle Financial Services Retail Performance: Enables managers to conduct enterprise-wide performance analysis across strategic customer segments, products, and lines of business with comprehensive metrics such as fee income, interest, expenses and credit costs.
• Oracle Financial Services Retail Customer Analytics: Helps financial institutions to identify actionable customer trends across key focus areas and build, execute and optimise highly targeted marketing campaigns using pre-built cross-sell/up-sell scores, as well as channel and product propensity scores.
• Oracle Financial Services Channel Analytics: Enables managers to monitor and analyse operational metrics for each channel, including ATMs, branches and internet banking, to understand channel usage propensities and customer demographics across channels.
• Oracle Financial Services Institutional Performance: Empowers financial institutions to monitor and manage corporate bank customer relationships and performance while tracking sales activity in relation to overall organisational performance.

The solution, built on a comprehensive data model designed specifically for the financial services industry, is designed to deliver a complete view of a customer's entire relationship with an institution ‒ spanning finance, risk and marketing ‒ laying the foundation for more engaged, targeted and profitable relationships.

Pre-built and user-friendly reports, dashboards and data structures enable line of business managers to actively plan, manage and track marketing investments without IT team support, while accelerating deployment and return on investment. For example, the solution includes marketing campaign performance tracking, pre-built cross-sell/up-sell scores as well as channel and product propensity scores that help drive efficiency and optimisation.

Unified channel analytics help financial services organisations to optimise customer communication and service, enabling them to eliminate data silos, support operational efficiencies by migrating target customers to low-cost channels, drive enhanced customer engagement and leverage an industry-specific, differentiated servicing and cross-sell strategy.

Engineered integration between Oracle's industry-leading enterprise performance management, enterprise risk management, financial crime and compliance, and customer insight products can further accelerate deployment as well as reduce IT complexity and management overhead moving forward.

"Financial services organisations seek unprecedented levels of customer insight, understanding that it is the key to growth and profitability in today's environment. Many organisations, however, continue to struggle with achieving a complete view of the customer relationship," said S. Ramakrishnan, group vice president and general manager, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications. "Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications for Customer Insight breaks down historical silos and provides powerful pre-built analytics, dashboards and reports to enable a 360-degree view of customers across risk, finance and marketing ‒ helping to drive strategic insight, more productive marketing and a higher level of customer engagement." 

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