Viatelease rolls out Linedata Ekip

Source: Linedata

Linedata, the global solutions provider for the asset management, insurance and credit community, announces the successful rollout of the Linedata Ekip global solution dedicated to the leasing and credit industry at Viatelease, a financing subsidiary of JPB ID, a telecom group for businesses.

Upon its creation, Viatelease's mission was to finance the marketing of the group's telecom products: equipment, maintenance services, telephone lines, etc. Based on this very broad expertise, in 2010, the group made the decision to position Viatelease's activity at the core of its development strategy by expanding and offering these services to all telephone, office automation, medical and security equipment operators. In order to efficiently handle higher financing contract volumes, Viatelease needed to acquire a back-office management system to interface with their existing front office solution.

The stakes were high for Viatelease: acquiring expertise in a new profession, managing the risk itself and rapidly gaining market share with the goal of becoming a major player in this market segment. To this end, Viatelease considered two options: to develop the application internally or to choose a market software solution.

"For several reasons, the choice of a software package, and specifically Linedata Ekip, quickly proved to be the ideal solution," says Philippe Kacel, Viatelease's Chief Financial Officer. "First, we appreciated the involvement and competent advice given by Linedata's staff who helped us to quickly acquire the expertise we needed with a full transfer of competence. Secondly, we had a very tight schedule and Linedata was able to provide us with a software solution which met our requirements and was operational within three months. Finally, it was essential to integrate Linedata Ekip into our existing "in-house" front office tool and our accounting information system. Linedata provided the appropriate connectors so that all of our applications can communicate with each other allowing us to maintain our workflow performances. We are aware that we are currently using only a small part of Linedata Ekip's functional coverage and we have also been impressed by Linedata's ability to support our future development of new products."

After only several months of use, Viatelease has already substantially increased the specific risk business portion which now amounts to 5%. Alain Mattei, Director of Linedata's Leasing and Credit Finance Unit, explains: "Linedata Ekip is a software package which is currently used by all types of financial firms including local specialists as well as major finance market players covering all finance activities for individuals and companies. The successful implementation of this project underlines Linedata's ability to accompany a finance company regardless of its requirements in terms of timing, volume, functional and geographical coverage. In order to meet the leasing and credit finance firms' future challenges, we continue our research and development investments including, in particular, the rollout of a new major version, Linedata Ekip360, which will be more intuitive, modular and flexible." 

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