Post-Trade Forum releases T2S report

Source: Post-Trade Forum

The Post-Trade Forum today published the T2S wrap up report drawn from transcripts of the debate hosted by the London Stock Exchange and sponsored by SWIFT.

The report is published respecting the Chatham House rule, which allows for a frank exchange of views by the panel of experts and the assembled audience made up from senior representatives from a wide range of financial services firms from both buy and sell side. The debate was to establish the true value of T2S to the securities markets in Europe and international investors across the world and to map progress to date in the project. The report is free to all employees of regulated financial services organisations who join the post trade forum group on LinkedIn.

Gary Wright, C.E.O., B.I.S.S. Research and co-chair of the Post-Trade Forum said "T2S has been so slow in coming that it has lost momentum in the minds of many in the market and understandably has had to take a back seat with the global economic downturn and whole raft banking scandals within the financial crisis. However, this timely debate has reaffirmed the importance of T2S to the European region and for financial services firms as a whole. T2S is a major equaliser within the European Securities Markets that allows growth in international investments, which is vital to future economic prosperity. Costs will be reduced, as well as risks and it is up to each financial services firm to plan how they will gain full benefit from T2S. It is for this reason that this debate encompassing leading industry experts was so timely. The report includes all the main features of the debate and will be valuable reading to assist senior managers within financial services firms to plan and start a T2S project. The Post Trade Forum is indebted to the London Stock Exchange for hosting this debate and SWIFT for their sponsorship. The Post-Trade Forum will be revisiting T2S next year as the debate continues and concentrates on the rebuilding of post-trade in Europe"

Harry Newman, T2S Programme Director, SWIFT, said: "Our customers are currently asking themselves some important questions about the impact of T2S on their business models and their operations. We are delighted to be part of initiatives like the Post Trade Forum that create opportunities to share insights and discuss solutions to the challenges our customers face in this changing environment. This report is a valuable resource for any firm impacted by T2S, and fully aligned with SWIFT's commitment to support our community in a smooth transition to T2S, from start to finish."

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