Finansiell ID orders Todos smart card readers for BankID initiative

Source: Todos Data System

The Swedish banking solutions provider Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB has signed an agreement with Todos Data System AB (Todos) that entails Todos as supplier of smart card readers for BankID services.

Todos will deliver two of its readers, Todos Argos Mini II, a PC-based smart card reader, and Todos eCode Authenticator Connectable, a reader that combines the portability of an unconnected reader and a connected reader with secure PIN entry. The two readers are a part of the extensive Todos eCode product portfolio for secure identification by smart card based generation of One Time Passwords (OTP), Challenge/Response and e-Signatures.

"BankID has already had a tremendous success with the use of electronic identities at government authorities and companies. We are very pleased and honoured to be chosen and we see great opportunities in this and hope that we can make the success even greater," says Per Skygebjerg, Executive Vice President at Todos.

"Todos is an important partner now that we expand the concept to support BankID on cards," says Trued Holmquist, Managing Director at Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB.

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