Sberbank non-governmental pension fund live with Diasoft

Source: Diasoft

Sberbank Non-Governmental Pension Fund and Diasoft announced the successful implementation of Diasoft's Insurance system to support the Fund's mandatory pension insurance business.

The mandatory pension insurance is one of the major business lines of Sberbank Non-Governmental Pension Fund. In the course of the time, the Fund faced the need to promptly receive valid data from its agent networks, which is required to support rapid decision making and ensure quality agent relations. To create a single information environment, the Fund needed to arrange the accounting for the primary data in the Fund's regional branches and automate their transferring to the Head office.

To fulfill these tasks the Fund selected Diasoft's Insurance system for the mandatory pension insurance based on the ME Seven platform. The modern instrument designed by Diasoft's specialists allowed the Fund to arrange operative accounting for all necessary data and ensured the consolidation of the information received from the points of sale.

The implementation of the module in the Head office started in December 2010. Its functionality fully covers all processes associated with the conclusion and management of mandatory pension contracts. The modules implemented in the regional branches of the Fund support automated conclusion of contacts. Within the project scope, Diasoft fulfilled data migration and arranged data exchange processes between the modules.

The implementation of Diasoft's Insurance solution for the mandatory pension insurance was successfully completed in August 2012. The system will improve the efficiency of the Fund's financial accounting and its interaction with sales points; ensure secure and reliable operation of the system that is responsible for recording mission critical data; and significantly reduce the time for gathering detailed information on the operations of the Fund's branches.

"The development of the centralized data storage that contains mandatory pension insurance data for all regional branches and geographically distributed sales points was one of the most important stages of the implementation of the new IT-system in Sberbank Non-Governmental Pension Fund. We are confident that Diasoft's Insurance solution will allow us to raise the quality if client services", commented Mikhail Vladimirov, Head of the Processes Automation Department, Sberbank Non-Governmental Pension Fund. 

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