PayDragon launches checkout feature

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PayDragon, the mobile service that lets customers at restaurants and food trucks skip the line with remote ordering and payment, today launched its Checkout feature, a new shopping capability that brings impulse purchasing of groceries and everyday goods to users' fingertips and front doors with nationwide, free two-day shipping and no required minimum purchase.

Whether consumers are looking to restock peanut butter and granola bars in their pantry or running low on toothpaste and other items in their bathroom cabinet, users can scan the item's barcode or search for it by name, and PayDragon will send the exact brand and variety.

Since launching in April, PayDragon has brought the one-click online shopping experience to everyday life, fulfilling the company's greater vision of bridging the online and offline worlds. Initially letting customers skip the line at the register for coffee or a quick bite, PayDragon now enables users to skip the trip to the store entirely with Checkout. Now available in PayDragon's iPhone and Android apps, Checkout enables smartphone users to scan, search and shop for non-perishable grocery and household items, like chips, cereal, soap and shampoo, and purchase them wherever they are, whenever they want. Eliminating shopping lists and tedious errands, PayDragon's Checkout feature takes the hassle and stress out of shopping by fulfilling consumers' needs on the fly.

Within the PayDragon app, users can securely add in their billing preferences, scan any barcoded item or search within PayDragon's pre-scanned catalogue of thousands and thousands of items. Checkout features include:

-- Game layer: Earn points each time a purchase is made to become a
Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond user and earn a 1.5-5% instant
discount off all future orders
-- Referral rewards: Refer a new user who purchases, and earn up to $2
credit on your next order
-- Barcode scanner: Scan any product that has a barcode to locate it in
the app
-- Search bar: Search for specific items in the Checkout database
-- Receipts of all transactions

Additionally, with its free two-day shipping and no required minimum purchase, Checkout is the ultimate "anti-cart" shopping experience, enabling impulse purchasing anywhere, anytime.

"PayDragon has always been been about intelligently using technology for speed and convenience. With our new Checkout feature, forgetting to buy things becomes a thing of the past. Errands can be handled with a simple scan and one tap," said Hamilton Chan, Founder and CEO of PayDragon. "Checkout is the newest extension of our vision, and quite simply, gives you the freedom to shop the world."

In addition to launching Checkout, PayDragon's revamped interface features a Takeout tab that allows users to discover nearby participating PayDragon restaurants and food trucks and order their food in advance so that their items are ready and waiting upon arrival.

Through its Checkout and Takeout features, PayDragon is fulfilling its mission of hyperlinking the real world by connecting our digital and physical worlds in the most intuitive, fun and simple way possible.

PayDragon's Checkout feature (version 2.0) is currently available for download in the app in the Apple App Store or Android Market. PayDragon delivers to any non-PO box address in the Continental United States.

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