Risklab implements Xenomorph TimeScape analytics and data management system

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solutions provider to global financial institutions, announced today that risklab, the investment and risk solutions specialist, has implemented its TimeScape analytics and data management system to satisfy requirements for a flexible and dynamic risk data management platform.

Faced with evolving business needs and rapid growth, risklab required a solution to centralize disparate databases whilst quickly responding to client requests. TimeScape was chosen for its flexible data model and user-friendly APIs, which make it quicker to model data, add new instruments, structures, and create dynamic risk reports and strategies.

TimeScape has provided risklab with a robust architecture, producing a clean, consistent, centralized data set and valuable derived data for generating sound risk management strategies.

"Compared with relational databases, TimeScape's intuitive object-oriented data model has allowed our financial engineering team to quickly implement new strategies with little or no programming, making it even easier to keep up with ever changing client requirements," says Bernhard Brunner, Director, risklab.

"The implementation at risklab is another great example of how our TimeScape analytics and data management system can meet clients' needs. TimeScape is very easy to customise, and thanks to its flexible and extensive data model our clients can quickly plug in third party and in-house pricing models with little code involved," adds Matthew Skinner, COO, Xenomorph. 

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