Diebold opens new data centre

Source: Diebold

With continued commitment to enhance and strengthen its Integrated Services® business process outsourcing model, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) today announced the addition of two data centers located in Verizon's Terremark facilities in Richardson, Texas and Manassas, Va.

The state-of-the-art Diebold IT infrastructure is strategically located in Verizon's Terremark data centers which will enable it to connect to Verizon's world-class global networks. This integrated fabric of advanced data center capabilities with Verizon's reach, reliability and global scale will increase performance and disaster recovery capabilities for Diebold's customers with optimal geographic diversity and business resiliency. Diebold launched its first live customer on Sept. 10.

Diebold's data center strategy focuses on providing a highly-scalable virtualized platform that optimizes network performance and security, and will allow for regional growth. The advanced technology enables Diebold to manage large amounts of data at a single site while simultaneously providing centralized monitoring of ATM networks, including endpoint security, software deployment, content management, OpteView® Resolve™ (terminal status/fault monitoring with remote fix) and Diebold Transaction Services (processing of card transactions). These services can be provided to a customer in a dedicated or shared business structure.

"Diebold is delivering the next generation of security, transforming systems integration and management through a strong focus on security services that deliver better outcomes for financial institutions," said Thomas W. Swidarski , Diebold president and chief executive officer. "We are dedicated to making necessary investments to build our competency and expand upon our innovative integrated services model. With the addition of these two data centers, we continue to evolve and align resources with the needs of our customers."

Diebold currently has three major data centers in Ohio: North Canton for its corporate environment, Green for customer environments, and Hamilton for disaster recovery. During the next year, Diebold plans to migrate all existing customers to the new data centers which will provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available.

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