Crealogix ships two-factor mobile authentication device

Source: Crealogix

CREALOGIX, the leading supplier of comprehensive e-banking solutions in Switzerland, launched its latest product on 4 September at the CLX.CustomerDay 2012.

CLX.MobileSecurity sets new standards for secure authentication on smartphones and paves the way for new mobile services.

CLX.MobileSecurity is based on the familiar "two-factor authentication" principle. This method uses a USB token or smartphone as a second channel and is currently being used with desktop devices.

As mobile devices and applications become more common, there is increasing demand for the same standard of security which is available on stationary applications. CLX.MobileSecurity fulfils this very requirement. The multi-platform solution provided by CREALOGIX enables barrier-free access via the audio interface or NFC functionality (near field communication) of the mobile device, without losing any of the required security.

The audio token, which is an integral part of CLX.MobileSecurity, is simple, compact and - above all - mobile. The token is inserted into the audio port of the mobile device for identification or to confirm a transaction. A small, integrated LCD screen enables the additional confirmation of the transaction, making it almost impossible to carry out fraudulent transactions. The audio token can be used with all smartphones, tablets and even desktops.

The NFC solution involves authentication using a smartcard, which is simply held up to the smartphone.

The solution was developed in collaboration with experts at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and in the security industry.

The new CLX.MobileSecurity from CREALOGIX is the efficient and cost-effective solution to also offer existing two-factor authentication familiar to users for use on mobile devices and applications.

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