Sungard recharts MarketMap

Source: SunGard

SunGard has released a new version of its MarketMap market data terminal application.

The application provides up-to-date macroeconomic data in a calendar format through a new and easy-to-use economic and financial indicator viewer, an enhanced news navigator and Fitch Solutions' credit default swaps data.

Alexander Tabb, partner TABB Group, said, "Obtaining, decoding and utilizing data in a timely manner and the explosion in new and increasing sources of data mean that traders and market data users need tools to help them quickly retrieve and collate data in order to execute transactions and remain competitive."

Macroeconomic developments and sovereign debt volatility need to be monitored closely as investors are continuously seeking to better understand global economic conditions. By displaying consumer price indices and other statistical reports, key economic indicators including housing, unemployment and statistical data by country as well as regionally, MarketMap helps market participants make more informed decisions while better understanding trends and risks.

The latest version of MarketMap also includes a new News Navigator that helps financial advisors easily browse and view news by market, industry and asset-class or country or groups of countries such as euro zone or G20. The new CDS service from Fitch Solutions covers more than 11,000 global entities, including single-name CDS, Loan CDS, CDS Indices and CDS of ABS.

Robert Jeanbart, executive vice president and global head of SunGard's MarketMap business unit, said, "The enhancements to MarketMap were driven by our customer requests and can help them more quickly and efficiently retrieve and access data. There is a lot of attention on the euro zone crisis and the deeper implications it has on global economies. The latest version of MarketMap provides investors with tools to help them rapidly navigate news and access data in order to monitor global developments and credit risk in real-time."

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