Oak Hill Capital Management seelcts eFront FrontInvest

Source: eFront

EFront, leading software provider of financial solutions for managing alternative investments, is pleased to announce that Oak Hill Capital Management, the US private equity firm, has selected eFront FrontInvest to automate its front, middle and back office operations.

The efficiencies and synchronization enabled by the product will give the firm a strong platform for growth.

Oak Hill Capital Management has offices in Stamford, Connecticut; New York; Fort Worth, Texas; and Menlo Park, California. The firm has more than $8.2 billion of capital commitments. FrontInvest's comprehensive functionality includes deal flow management in the front office, portfolio management in the middle office, and general ledger management in the back office. eFront's market-leading technology will enable users to share work and data across the organization in a single application giving enhanced oversight and transparency while improving efficiency and eliminating the potential for manually-introduced errors.

The implementation is fully hosted so Oak Hill Capital will not require additional hardware or infrastructure investments as eFront will manage the set-up, security and recovery aspects of the new system.

Shawn G. Hessing Chief Financial Officer of Oak Hill Capital Management, said: "We are delighted to announce the beginning of our relationship with eFront. With FrontInvest underpinning our operations across the firm, we now have the added flexibility to expand and a solution that can grow with us.

"FrontInvest stood out from the available solutions both for its functionality and the expertise of eFront's people: a key factor when investing in a long-term solution. With it in place we will be in a position to improve our efficiency and accountability to investors, an area of key importance to us."

Eric Bernstein, Chief Operating Officer, North America, eFront, added: "Never before has there been a greater need for GPs to have the right systems in place. With a host of regulatory challenges on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive in the EU and greater scrutiny expected from the Securities and Exchange Commission, GPs are under pressure to provide more information with greater regularity. FrontInvest provides the scalable infrastructure that enables firms to meet these challenges efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core competencies." 

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