Corporate America Credit Union license AFS cheque image technology

Source: Advanced Financial Solutions

Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS), a Metavante company, and leading provider of image-enabled payment processing solutions to the financial services industry, today announced that Corporate America Credit Union has selected the AFS branch capture, check image exchange and IRD solutions to enhance its Member Services Check 21 Item Processing offerings.

Headquartered in Irondale, Ala., Corporate America is the provider of financial services to over 200 member credit unions throughout Alabama.

The new solutions from AFS will complement the suite of Check 21 image-based item processing and check clearing solutions that Corporate America makes available to its member credit unions.

AFS Branch Capture allows Corporate America's member credit unions to image-capture and truncate check transactions at the branches, and then transmit the images to Corporate America's regional image-item processing center. Posting and processing can begin immediately after transmission to the item-processing center. AFS Branch Capture improves branch transaction processing and reduces back office processing costs while optimizing the truncation-related benefits of Check 21. Additionally, Branch Capture eliminates the microfilming of transactions at the branches, and provides the foundation for check image exchange.

"Branch Capture provides so many benefits, including work simplification, efficiency gains, and the seamless path to check image exchange through the Endpoint Exchange Network," said David Middleton, vice president of item processing, Corporate America Credit Union.

Corporate America Credit Union is a member of the Endpoint Exchange Network, and member credit unions have been clearing and settling image-based payments through the country's premier check image exchange network for several months.

The AFS xChange Federal Reserve application provides Corporate America's member credit unions with the interface to send and receive check images, for clearing and settlement through the Federal Reserve. The AFS xChange bilateral application provides the interface for member credit unions to send, receive, and settle truncated image-based payments directly with other financial institutions.

Corporate America will also be offering its' member credit unions two new AFS Check 21 solutions, AFS Return 21 and AFS Forward 21, enabling the member credit unions to produce Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) or "substitute checks" for returns and forward presentment.

These new IRD solutions will allow Corporate America's member credit unions to truncate 100 percent of the transit items received and reduce the number of physical items by sorting them electronically and printing IRDs for the returned items.

"The new branch capture, image exchange and IRD solutions from AFS equip our member credit unions with the tools to efficiently manage transit items and reduce transportation costs," said Middleton. "With these new applications our member credit unions will lower their cost per transaction and realize significant bottom line cost advantages."

"Corporate America is a long-term and highly valued AFS customer and we are pleased with their investment in our newest AFS check imaging solutions," said Gary Nelson, president, AFS. "With branch capture, IRD, the Federal Reserve and bilateral check image exchange interfaces in place, Corporate America's member credit unions can reduce per item transaction costs, streamline operations and increase staff efficiency."

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