Comerica expands cheque image services

Source: Comerica Incorporated

Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) today announced an expansion of its industry-leading image services with the addition of a new self-service option for commercial customers. The announcement was made by Daniel J. McCarty, senior vice president and director of Treasury Management Services for Comerica.

"Our customers told us they would like to have self-service options related to the payments made to their organizations and we listened to them," said McCarty. "Now, clients can view and print copies of checks deposited to their commercial checking accounts, online through Comerica NetVision®, our online banking and cash management tool."

Comerica's commercial customers can obtain key information from checks written to them, such as payor name, address and account number. In addition, with detailed transaction reports, commercial customers now have all the tools they need to support their deposit research and customer-service needs. Images are available for 90 days.

"Self-service is a more cost-effective solution for customers who typically request more than seven deposited item copies a month," McCarty said. "Self-service also is beneficial to customers who are looking to expedite the receipt of check information by several days."

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