Kobil develops headphone jack chip card reader for iPhone and Android with PIN-Pad

Source: Kobil

KOBIL Systems, manufacturer and market leading trendsetter of innovative technologies in the field of data security and digital identity now makes secure mobile payments possible as well.

KOBIL has recently developed a chip card terminal with PIN pad for using iOS and Android Smartphones via the audio interface. At present, there are only devices on the market that work with the proprietary iPhone connector and have no keyboard. The first headphone jack chip card reader with secure PIN-Pad makes it possible to make small cashless payments in daily life with Visa or MasterCard, and, with access via the audio interface, it is compatible and cost-effective.

The low-cost KOBIL headphone jack chip card reader with PIN-Pad is suitable for making convenient payments with Smartphones. The device, including a KOBIL Software Development Kit (SDK), is offered for iOS and Android. The SDK uses sophisticated KOBIL mIDentity security technology to establish individual point-to-point encryption between the KOBIL chip card reader and KOBIL SSMS Server. Each terminal can be individually identified with the KOBIL SSMS server, an important feature required by the PCI Standards for POS Terminals, for example.

The device is to be used for mobile payment functions with debit and credit cards. KOBIL has developed a security concept based on the PCI standards and additionally protects the payment Apps with KOBIL SSMS Server and KOBIL mIDentity AST. SSMS acts here as a secure end-point to the systems of the payment provider. The new device is convenient, user-friendly, mobile and sufficiently secure for cashless payment of small amounts that can be paid by Smartphone App directly, for example, in taxis, at bakers, hairdressers or kiosks. KOBIL therefore covers the needs of payment providers who want to enable their customers to go about their daily life without using cash, and also to make small cashless payments easy and secure with Visa or MasterCard by Smartphone. KOBIL is currently the only manufacturer worldwide that offers such an audio Smartphone reader with keyboard and thus meets the necessary security requirements for mobile payments.

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