Triple Jump selects eFront FrontInvest to manage investments in developing countries

Source: eFront

eFront, a leading software provider of financial solutions for managing alternative investments, is pleased to announce that Triple Jump, a responsible investment manager based in Amsterdam, has chosen FrontInvest to manage its investment portfolio.

Triple Jump currently has over 288 investments with 166 microfinance institutions in 57 countries, for a total invested capital of over EUR 270 million.

Triple Jump engaged eFront after a long vetting process during which more than twenty software vendors were reviewed. After narrowing its selection to three final vendors, Triple Jump chose eFront on the basis of its broad-based capabilities, flexible technology and extensibility.

The FrontInvest implementation project started in late May 2012 and will help Triple Jump to automate and streamline a number of its core business processes, such as managing and monitoring debt and equity investments and hedging instruments. In addition, FrontInvest's investee portal will enable more than 160 microfinance institutions to report their financial figures to Triple Jump, who will use the dashboards within FrontInvest to consolidate its portfolio data.

Over time, Triple Jump will implement many FrontInvest modules including CRM and Document Management, Deal Flow Management, Portfolio Management, FrontLoan for managing and monitoring debt investments, Fund and Investor Management, Accounting and the Investee Portal to streamline the process to obtain information from invested entities. Several platform capabilities, including FrontExchange to synchronize data with Microsoft Exchange, FrontReport Designer and Business Workflow Management, will also be employed.

"Our overall goal is to increase Triple Jump's investment portfolio and the efficiency of our administrative and transactional services," said Steven Evers, Managing Director, Triple Jump. "We feel we are better positioned to achieve these goals with FrontInvest, and are confident we can improve the management and control of fund investments while improving efficiency in market communication, management reporting and other business processes."

"The long-term objective is to implement a solution that will support Triple Jump in the upcoming 10 years and to make our core business processes more efficient and reliable," commented Frits Nieuwerth-van den Akker, IT Manager, Triple Jump.

"We realize that the private equity industry is not limited to the developed, industrialized world," explained Philippe Verboogen, COO eFront, Europe. "Responsible investment and investment management in developing regions is essential for sustainable global economic growth and a viable target for investors seeking returns. FrontInvest is a superior choice for GPs seeking a solution to complement their own growth over the long term." 

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