Exponential-e introduces Bats Chi-X Europe connectivity

Source: Exponential-e

Exponential-e Ltd, one of the UK's most innovative technology providers announced today that it has added Bats Chi-X Europe, the largest pan-European equities trading venue by notional value traded and market share, to its increasing number of on-net financial data providers.

Exponential-e will provide direct, ultra-low latency links into the trading platform.

With the delivery of this latest connectivity option, over 250 finance organisations currently served by Exponential-e will now have direct access into BATS Chi-X Europe, which accounts for approximately 25% of the value of European equities traded.

Trading participants will be able to connect to the platform with sub-millisecond market reach and resiliency provided by Exponential-e's 100GigE network.

Lee Wade, CEO, Exponential-e commented: "We've built a vast, high-performance network into the Financial Trading sector and the choice of sites we add to our footprint is determined by the needs of the finance industry. BATS Chi-X Europe's participants now have the choice of connectivity over the UK's first 100GigE network. This is another example of Exponential-e's commitment to expanding its network based on the market's needs."

Mark Hemsley, CEO, BATS Chi-X Europe, commented: "We aim to provide our trading participants with connectivity choice and Exponential-e is a welcome addition to our menu of providers. We are pleased that their diverse customer base is well-positioned to connect to BATS Chi-X Europe and to seamlessly access our unique offering of pan-European markets for deep liquidity, product innovation, and efficient post-trade structure." 

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