ConvergEx upgrades PerformEx

Source: ConvergEx

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced the launch of a fully upgraded version of its global transaction cost analysis technology, PerformEx.

PerformEx's customizable technology allows customers to have an incredible depth of view into all their trading activity around the world by offering highly detailed risk forecasting, real-time intra-trade analytics and historical performance reports. These capabilities, along with PerformEx's real-time alerts, significantly increase customers' abilities to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and make better investment decisions.

"Increasing fragmentation and declining liquidity mean that customers need more information than ever before about where and how well their trades are executed," said Scott Daspin, managing director in ConvergEx's Global Electronic Execution group. "With the enhanced PerformEx, customers can measure their single- or multi-currency baskets in real-time and take advantage of additional market opportunities. By zeroing in on leaders and laggards in their portfolios, traders are empowered to make informative decisions to rapidly modify their strategies to optimize execution."

Customers can use PerformEx's intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface to generate visual reports and detailed tables that summarize forecasted, actual and historical performance against a variety of benchmarks. These reports are available for all algorithmic strategies as well as by country, sector, market capitalization, currency exposure and liquidity profile.

"Our customers love PerformEx because it puts all the market, order and execution information in one place, which means no more swivel-chairing. PerformEx's range of customizable features offer almost every chart, table, diagram or report you could possibly need," said Jeremy Bruce, managing director and head of European Sales for ConvergEx's Global Execution business. "This level of convenience, productivity and transparency keeps traders more informed than ever before and keeps our customers one step ahead of the market."

PerformEx is web-based and can easily b be accessed on almost all browsers. 

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