Dexit enables merchants to issue payment tags

Source: Dexit

Dexit Inc., (TSX: DXT) has taken a big step forward in increasing convenience for its customers with the introduction of new ways to acquire Dexit tags and refill their Dexit accounts.

Beginning next week, merchants equipped with Dexit's new generation of point-of-sale hardware will be able to issue Dexit radio frequency identification (RFID) payment tags and refill customer accounts. The new system allows merchants to issue unregistered tags that are as anonymous as prepaid phone cards. Combined with the recently announced automatic credit card refill option, these new features mean that there is now a Dexit payment tag option available to meet the needs of any customer looking for an alternative to cash.

Renah Persofsky, President and CEO of Dexit Inc. said the move has the potential to substantially increase the number and utility of Dexit tags in the marketplace.

"Enabling merchants to issue Dexit payment tags will accelerate our penetration of the small transaction payments market and help drive our growth," said Ms. Persofsky. "Dexit is all about ease of use. So it was important for us to develop a system that made it easy for people to acquire a tag and immediately put money in their account at participating merchants. Enabling merchants to issue unregistered tags means that Dexit can now be used as anonymously as cash."

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