Comms XL's receives HSBC chip and PIN accreditation

Source: Comms XL

Comms XL, the transaction and data processing specialist, achieved global accreditation from HSBC for a generic Chip and PIN system.

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world and it has approved Comms XL's Chip and PIN product, SmartCCard Lite, for installation by merchants without further testing.

SmartCCard Lite is a "plug and play" Chip and PIN solution that, due to its all-inclusive capabilities, can be implemented by merchants without the problem of approval. Authorisation and payment file fulfilment to the acquiring bank takes place through either the CCServer module residing on the merchant's network or over a secure link to Comms XL's SecureCXL payment service.

The secure and comprehensive nature of Comms XL's technology means HSBC will not require further accreditation testing when the system is installed. The dynamic and sensitive nature of today's payment environment often puts pressure on resources, so proven, off-the-shelf solutions are a huge boost to everyone involved in the industry.

Wendy Dobson, sales director of Comms XL commented: "This endorsement comes hot on the heels of the recent endorsement Comms XL received from the international payments giant MasterCard. Added to our existing accreditations from Barclays and Streamline, it gives us a truly flexible offering for the majority of merchants and again illustrates the confidence in Comms XL's technology and people."

SmatCCard Lite has also been fully accredited by Barclays Business and Streamline.

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