Fimasys releases 2004 financial results

Source: Fimasys

Fimasys, software company specialised in loan, lease and financial services management, as well as savings plans in management of company saving plans, announces turnover for 2004 in excess of 8 million euros, with 50% of revenues coming from outside of France.

For the fourth year in succession, the company has recorded overall revenue growth exceeding 50% in its three product lines: ProFinance, WebEpargne and WebHolding.

These results make Fimasys one of the strongest companies in France and Europe in terms of growth. Prospects for new large projects on a Europe-wide scale make it possible for Fimasys to set a revenue target of EUR10 million for 2005.

"Thanks to an innovative and proven product offering, Fimasys will retain strong growth potential in its target markets in the coming years," declared Didier Seillier, President of Fimasys.

Objective for 2005: continued pursuit of growth in Europe Fimasys will continue the process of entering markets outside France through its current clients, and expects that the market for its products will once again be robust. Fimasys's objective for 2005 is to increase its respective market shares in Europe by pursuing external expansion operations, where appropriate, in order to establish higher proximity to its clients.

Financial Highlights

Turnover growth - Worldwide (in millions of EUR):

  • Turnover 2001: 2.3
  • Turnover 2002: 3.3
  • Turnover 2003: 5.2
  • Turnover 2004: 8.1

Breakdown of 2004 turnover by activity type (in %):

  • Licence sales: 38%
  • Maintenance:7%
  • Services (development, technical support, consulting etc.):55%

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