BPC Banking Technologies signs Indonesia's PT Artajasa

Source: BPC Banking Technologies

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System e-payment solutions for the global financial industry, today announces that the major Indonesian electronic transaction processor, PT Artajasa, has chosen to deploy BPC's advanced end-to-end e-payment transaction switch solution, SmartVista to support its ambitious growth strategy.

Following a competitive bid process, where solutions from all the other major international vendors were evaluated, PT ARTAJASA chose SmartVista because of its unique combination of advanced technology, comprehensive functionality and ability to dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

SmartVista will be deployed as a new generation switch running on the HP NonStop platform interfacing to PT ARTAJASA's current switching environment, BASE24 Classic. To improve their competitiveness and speed to market, PT ARTAJASA will draw on SmartVista's modern and flexible design to manage authorization and routing, originating through new channels. BPC will also implement its fraud management solution, SmartGuard to stop fraud before it happens. Recognizing that effective fraud management can only be achieved through 100% real time transaction monitoring, SmartGuard, running on HP NonStop, will be deployed in the authorization data stream from both BASE24 Classic and SmartVista.

As a leading player in electronic transaction services, PT ARTAJASA supports more than 37.000 ATMs, 63 million bank card holders and more than 70 banks throughout Indonesia. In keeping with the Company's mission to "make life simple" SmartVista will enable the rapid introduction of new products and services specifically tailored to meet customers' needs, enabling them to access their finances when and where they need to. Driven by a large population and a rapidly growing economy, Indonesian payment volumes are increasing rapidly - up 41% in the last year alone. Against this backdrop, SmartVista will enable PT ARTAJASA to expand its network secure in the knowledge that SmartVista will handle the growth with ease. And as new payment technologies and methods come on stream, SmartVista will help the Company capitalize on the opportunities they create quickly and easily.

BPC Banking Technologies will implement its SmartSwitch and SmartATM solutions, part of the end-to-end SmartVista suite of e-payments products. SmartSwitch is a sophisticated routing and authorization engine which in conjunction with SmartATM will support transaction processing and ATM network service and monitoring. Supported by SmartVista's advanced capabilities, PT ARTAJASA can accelerate the execution of its far reaching strategy, including upgrading the network to issue and support chip-cards, while providing value-added services to cardholders. The Company will also benefit from a dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increased speed to market and high availability for mission critical on-line services. SmartVista has been benchmarked on HP NonStop and has been certified by HP as Converged Infrastructure (CI) Ready and also supports direct interfaces to BASE24 Classic.

Additionally PT ARTAJASA will use SmartVista's comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) acquisition and management capabilities, as well in support of its m-commerce strategies.

"At PT ARTAJASA we do whatever it takes to make life simple for our customers, and through this focus on customers we have grown to our current position as one of Indonesia's largest electronic transaction services. To keep at the forefront of our industry, we need partners such as BPC Banking Technologies - partners who share our vision and values, partners who bring advanced technologies and partners who can help us succeed," said Pak Arya Damar, President Director , PT ARTAJASA.

"BPC has helped transform the payments business of clients on 5 continents. Tier 1 clients such as PT ARTAJASA need market proven solutions to support their mission critical on-line services. SmartVista on HP NonStop delivers a highly scalable and highly available payments switch solution based on modern state-of-the-art architecture," commented Rajan S. Narayan, Managing Director BPC Asia Pacific. "Additionally, we know how crucial it is to manage projects to eliminate risk while delivering uninterrupted service to customers. It is one of the main focus areas for our professional services teams, a focus that we will bring to PT ARTAJASA. It is our first client in Indonesia and we have built our business by delivering outstanding service to our customers. I am confident we will do the same for PT ARTAJASA." 

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