Thomson Reuters expands Elektron data offering for US customers

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters has launched two new Elektron data solutions that will help US market participants have lower latency access to broader and deeper content from financial markets venues.

The first initiative sees Thomson Reuters launch its next generation consolidated feed, Elektron Real Time, in Chicago to provide local market participants with full tick depth-of-market data from multiple venues around the world. Secondly, customers using Elektron hosting centres in Chicago and New York can now access low latency direct feeds from Canadian venues to fuel cross-border algorithmic and systematic trading strategies.

Chicago supports one of the largest derivatives trading communities in the world and local market participants have exacting performance requirements due to their latency-sensitive trading strategies and the bandwidth intensive nature of derivatives data. To address these requirements, Thomson Reuters is now providing its next generation consolidated feed, Elektron Real Time, to this market, enabling local professionals to leverage Elektron's high performance, distributed global architecture, to source broader and deeper content with significantly faster rates of delivery.

Equity market fragmentation in Canada as well as inter-listed Canadian issues have created a growing demand for low-latency Canadian data within US-based financial institutions. These Canadian direct feeds, from venues including Alpha, TMX, TSX Venture, Pure, Chi-X and Omega, combined with existing direct and consolidated feeds covering all US trading venues and BM&F BOVESPA in Brazil, now give US Elektron Hosting and Managed Services customers an unrivalled picture of liquidity across the Americas. Customers accessing Elektron hosting services will also benefit from complementary services such as Thomson Reuters Canadian best bid and offer (CBBO) and Canadian Depth Direct products.

"Elektron is our flagship infrastructure for connecting and enabling financial markets, delivering real-time and low latency data in all major financial centres globally," said Peter Moss, managing director, Trading, Thomson Reuters. "We have strong communities of ffinancial professionals in Canada, the United States and South America. By bringing down low latency feeds from key Canadian venues to our US hosting centers we are helping to further connect markets and extend the liquidity pool for our US clients. In Chicago, the launch of our next generation consolidated feed, Elektron Real Time, will super-charge the speed of delivery and breadth and depth of content that we can deliver to local participants."

Thomson Reuters Elektron is a high performance data and trading infrastructure that connects financial institutions and trading venues across the globe. It delivers real-time data to human traders via desktops, as well as providing low latency data to systematic and algorithmic trading engines. Elektron provides exchange co-location and proximity hosting services in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Stockholm, as well as 80 premium low latency venues via direct exchange connectivity and global, cross-asset real-time data from over 350 exchange-traded and OTC markets. 

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