IPC unveils app that puts hoot and intercom on iPad

Source: IPC

IPC Systems today announced the release of Unigy Pulse Mobile, an app that puts hoot, intercom, TV audio and speaker channels on the Apple iPad.

The app is now available at the Apple® App Store. The Unigy Pulse Mobile app allows traders, their middle and back office trade support teams and others who are part of the trade lifecycle have the flexibility to collaborate instantly via an iPad. Using Unigy Pulse Mobile to virtualise a global team can help increase transparency and reduce risk, close deals faster and more accurately and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Unigy Pulse Mobile also features native VoIP, eight speaker channels, presence, intercom directory and call history, favorites buttons and speaker and talk back groups. Unigy Pulse Mobile expands IPC's instant trading collaboration suite of integrated hoot and intercom devices and apps to four - joining the Unigy Pulse device, Unigy Pulse Enterprise app for the PC and the IQ/MAX® Edge turret.

"Adding Unigy Pulse Mobile to our hoot and intercom offerings means firms can have fast, cost-effective collaboration capabilities across the entire trading workflow regardless of whether people are at their normal workspace or at a remote location," Michael Speranza, senior vice president, global product management and marketing, IPC said. "With the Unigy platform and its devices and apps, people are connected on a single, integrated system, allowing firms to simplify administration and maintenance and reduce costs by eliminating third-party, backroom equipment."

"As complex, cross-asset trades become more common, and as transparency requirements drive more direct involvement of compliance in the trading process, the need for improved collaboration tools and more seamless communication across the trade life cycle becomes critical," Larry Tabb, founder and CEO, TABB Group. 

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