Sterling Commerce launches EU compliant e-invoicing system

Source: Sterling Commerce

Sterling Commerce, the multi-enterprise collaboration company, today announced availability of its e-invoicing solution to enable compliance with directive 2001/115/EC across all European Union countries.

The e-invoicing solution, developed in conjunction with IT solutions specialist, Information Systems Integration (ISI), is delivered as a module of Gentran Integration Suite™ (GIS). The solution leverages the full capabilities of GIS, a comprehensive B2B platform offering companies the ability to better integrate and manage their multi-enterprise business and globally distributed processes across customers, suppliers and other business partners.

The 2001/115/EC directive mandates that electronic invoices be accepted as legally binding, provided that they fulfill specified security and authentication criteria. However, companies wishing to benefit from e-invoicing are required to comply with varying national implementations of the EU directive in each of the countries in which they operate. Integral to unleashing the real value of electronic invoicing, Sterling Commerce's new solution allows companies to implement e-invoicing across all European Union member states, in a variety of message formats including, XML, PDF, flat files and traditional EDI.

Roy Lee, VP Marketing, EMEA of Sterling Commerce said: "Any organisation conducting business with companies across Europe needs to support the national legislation as stipulated in each country. Immediate savings can be made by implementing e-invoicing within business communities by eliminating paper-based and manual processes altogether. By supporting the complex array of legislation and delivering electronic invoicing across the boundaries of European business communities, our solution manages the complexity and is able to deliver real value, right now."

CEO of Information Systems Integration (ISI), Luís Cabrita added: "We apply a business-process based approach to managing e-invoices in compliance with all EU country national laws. In this regard, Sterling Commerce's multi-enterprise collaboration solution provided the ideal foundation for developing an electronic invoicing solution. It meets all the required criteria for effective e-invoicing – security, scalability, automation and multiple message-format support – plus it delivers the associated cost savings and efficiencies. This clearly provides significant cost-reduction for companies when considering the multitude of European transactions a business performs on a daily basis."

Gentran Integration Suite™ Invoicing enables businesses to facilitate e-invoicing with partners across Europe by offering:
  • Automated compliance with directive 2001/115/EC and all additional applicable national legislation
  • Integration of e-invoicing with internal systems and business processes
  • Support for multiple document types, including EDI, XML, PDF, flat file, etc.
  • Archiving, retrieval and activity resignation in accordance with each country’s legislation
  • Authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation guarantees (both of origin and receipt)
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