Wallaby promises one card to rule them all

Source: Wallaby Financial

Next generation digital wallet and credit card company Wallaby Financial announced today the launch of the beta version of the Wallaby Card, its innovative new service that unifies consumers' multiple personal credit cards to simplify and maximize rewards.

The company comes from Los Angeles-based MuckerLab startup accelerator program that focuses on mentoring companies in their collaborative workspace in order to reach success in the marketplace.

Designed for the average American consumer who holds more than three credit cards, the majority of which offer various rewards, Wallaby features a single unifying credit card and a connected personal digital wallet. The Wallaby system reviews each customer's current credit cards and intelligently directs spending from the Wallaby card to the most advantageous linked credit card based upon the type of transaction and several other factors. It establishes rules based upon the user's stated preferences, allowing consumers to gain the most travel or cash back rewards for their particular cards. For example, the Wallaby system will recognize that a user's card is offering triple points or double cash back for gas purchases for a limited time up to a certain dollar amount and will direct gas spending accordingly.

Users may designate what percentage of their spending should go to certain cards - and even dictate how the purchase of certain item categories should be allocated - or they can choose to have Wallaby automatically manage the process. A mobile application allows users to view their accounts and change their preferences anytime if desired. It also offers multiple social features, such as automated check-ins to Foursquare or Facebook and the ability to include Facebook "Likes" or tweets regarding completed transactions.

"Wallaby is the first service that brings together a new combination of a flexible, cloud-based wallet and an intelligent, connected physical credit card that can be used at any location," said Matthew Goldman, founder and CEO of Wallaby. "We know from primary research that 90% of consumers carry rewards cards and 70% of them agree that credit card rewards programs are confusing. We are making it easy for people to earn the most rewards by channeling spending toward the best card for each transaction, making sure each consumer gets the most from their credit card annual fees. What makes this really great is that we do this behind the scenes, with zero effort or change in normal behavior required by the user."

"Wallaby is a very novel concept that will have a transformative effect on the credit card and mobile transactions markets," said MuckerLab co-founder William Hsu. "Many consumers simply don't have the time to keep track of all of their limited-time card offers, so they end up paying fees without earning the maximum rewards. With Wallaby's technology, consumers can focus spending on the rewards that matter the most to them--all while carrying only one card."

Wallaby also supports card linked offers, allowing retailers to provider social and loyalty promotions to consumers without the need for point-of-sale modifications or in-store training. Wallaby cardholders benefit from additional savings on top of their rewards earnings automatically when they use their Wallaby Card.

The first 1,000 customer sign-ups for the beta version of Wallaby will receive a lifetime membership benefit. A free card for twelve months is being offered to the first 5,000 individuals who sign up for the Wallaby wait list at www.walla.by .

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