Apex Fund Services offers StatPro Revolution to fund manager clients

Source: StatPro Group

StatPro Group plc, a global leader in portfolio analytics, today announces that Apex Fund Services is offering StatPro Revolution to its fund manager clients, allowing them to send fund performance analytics to underlying customers via cloud-based technology, for the first time.

StatPro Revolution is the world's first cloud-based portfolio analytics and reporting platform. Fund administrators and asset managers using the platform are able to reduce their IT costs, deliver greater transparency to investors and increase assets under custody through the provision of dynamic fund performance data to new and prospective clients. Fund administrators represent a key market for StatPro as they can act as distributors of the StatPro Revolution service.

The service is now supporting over 100 market participants, ranging from small fund managers with assets under custody of USD20 million up to very large custodian banks with over USD10 trillion assets under custody, located across North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Justin Wheatley, Group Chief Exceutive, StatPro, said, "This is the first time that fund administrators have been able to deliver fund performance analytics to their customers using cloud technology. Asset management users are already experiencing improved communications with end-investors and this is proving extremely valuable, particularly in an environment which demands increased transparency to help comply with regulations, as well as performance measurement."

Peter Hughes, Group Managing Director, Apex Fund Services, said, "StatPro Revolution is being used by many of our clients as it is a quality risk product with an attractive pricing point."

Wheatley continues, "More than 10 global fund administrators have now signed to provide StatPro Revolution to their clients. This is an important step in building a globally integrated data feed for StatPro Revolution, and coming as it does alongside recent deals with asset management firms including Vinculum Fund Management, Regan Investments, Momentum Asset Management, we are gaining strong international traction." 

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