Western Union unveils bill presentment system for smartphones

Source: Western Union

The Western Union Company (WU), a leader in global payment services, today announced the release of an enhancement to its Western Union Speedpay service designed to help billers meet growing consumer demand to receive electronic bills through smartphones and mobile devices.

The enhancement also allows consumers to pay their bills directly from their mobile devices with just one click.

The enhancement was developed with eBill presentment specialist, Striata, and operates across multiple platforms and devices, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad.

"Our Western Union Payments Money Mindset Index shows that consumers, whose use of mobile devices is outpacing all other media, are looking for a wider range of payment options from billers," David Shapiro, senior vice president, Payments, Western Union, said. "Western Union is dedicated to providing billers with robust bill pay solutions, while giving consumers a variety of user-friendly options to receive and pay their bills."

One-third of Americans own a smart phone of some kind, according to Pew Research, with nearly 40 percent using their smart phone for online banking.

Helping Billers Better Serve Their Customers

The Western Union Speedpay eBill payment and presentment, (EBPP), solution helps billers reach consumers who prefer to access their email from their mobile devices. The enhanced solution allows consumers to receive gas, water, electric, mortgage, insurance and other bills as a simple, secure email attachment that can be opened with just one click. Consumers also enjoy the convenience, reliability and 24-hour access to one-click bill payment processing.

"Email delivery of bills is ideally suited to the mobile channel. Through an encrypted attachment, recipients are able to open, view and pay their electronic bills on any email-capable mobile device or tablet, without the need to download any application or software - it's as simple as opening an email attachment," Garin Toren, Striata, chief operating officer, said. 

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