Calypso forms marketing partnership with AcadiaSoft

Source: Calypso Technology

Calypso Technology, a provider of an integrated trading, risk and processing platform to capital markets, today announced a new marketing partnership to integrate AcadiaSoft's MarginSphere service, an electronic messaging and workflow solution for OTC collateral, with the Calypso system.

The partnership combines AcadiaSoft's automation of the margin process with Calypso's collateral management solution. AcadiaSoft's MarginSphere is a messaging framework for collateral, providing an ISDA-compliant workflow that eliminates dependency on email, phone, fax and traditional communication modes with an electronic interface that provides scalability, security and audit trails. The Calypso system provides a cross-asset collateral management solution that is integrated with front-to-back office management of OTC derivatives and treasury products.

Under the G20 mandate, required clearing of OTC derivatives is expected to ratchet up global collateral requirements by as much as $2 trillion. Increased processing requirements, created by the need for daily collateralization of both non-cleared and cleared OTC trade portfolios, are putting pressure on firms to re-evaluate their collateral infrastructure and workflow. In addition to new calculation and optimization services, there is a heightened awareness and demand for electronic messaging flow, enabling efficient communication across all the internal and external parties involved in this collateral process.

"One margin call typically generates five or more messages, and dramatically more if there are disputes. Given the number of accounts, counterparties and trades that any firm has to maintain, the volume of margin messages can rapidly escalate, creating the potential for errors and large processing inefficiencies," states Chris Walsh, COO at AcadiaSoft. "We provide a seamless experience for Calypso customers who are experiencing increased collateral activity by improving transparency and reducing costs while enabling improvements and optimization."

"Calypso continues to invest in our collateral solution so that we can always remain ahead of significant market developments. The partnership of Calypso and AcadiaSoft gives our customers a simple and effective solution for collateral efficiency," states David Little, Director of Business Development for collateral solutions at Calypso Technology. 

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