AlphaSimplex chooses OneMarketData OneTick

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData today announced that AlphaSimplex Group, a Cambridge-based research-driven asset management firm, selected OneTick for real-time and historical market data storage and analysis.

A single solution for complex event processing (CEP), analytics, and tick data that spans both historical and real-time, OneTick will be deployed to support AlphaSimplex's trading and risk management strategies, which span markets worldwide and a range of asset classes.

"We wanted a superior data management system that would allow us to develop and execute intra-day trading strategies for today's fast moving global markets and OneTick really impressed us," said Philippe Lüdi, VP at AlphaSimplex. "Rather than just helping us process our tick data, OneTick provides us with tools to analyze the tick data."

"OneTick's intuitive, performance-driven application is ideally suited for hedge funds who are constantly looking for competitive advantage by uncovering new and better ideas, systems and strategies," said Richard Chmiel, Senior Vice President, OneMarketData. "We believe that OneTick's ability to span historical and real-time data across all asset classes allows firms such as AlphaSimplex to easily weed through mountains of tick data to make trading decisions smarter and faster."

Built from inception as a single integrated system, OneTick helps with extensive quantitative research, strategy development, back-testing, and algo trading. Users are able to apply OneTick analytics to historical and real-time data queries, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership through reduced costs stemming from licensing, installing, and overseeing various data management systems. 

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