MarketPrizm unveils PrizmScope tick data cloud service

Source: MarketPrizm

MarketPrizm, a leading provider of market data and trading infrastructure services, and OneMarketData developers of OneTick, a high performance tick database and complex event processing (CEP) platform, today announce they will launch PrizmScope Tick Data Cloud Service.

PrizmScope is a complete solution for on-demand hosted analytics covering real-time and historical market data encompassing depth of book, trades and quotes for all major equities and derivatives markets in EMEA. The service will be available in Q3, 2012 and ready for beta/test customers prior to that. It will be delivered via Colt Technology Services Cloud Infrastructure and targeted at signal generation, market analysis, strategy back-testing, transaction cost analysis and compliance applications.

PrizmScope will enable clients to utilise the combined advantages of MarketPrizm's low latency market data and network infrastructure, Colt's managed cloud service, and OneMarketData's low latency CEP capabilities for real time analytics and trading delivered in a robust and scalable cloud hosted environment.

Automated trading creates a large amount of historical tick data that traders must store and manage for algo trading, compliance, and modelling of quant trading strategies. The PrizmScope Tick Data Cloud Service is designed to optimize query response performance even for very large datasets with a low cost of entry and a short investment payback. This means that years of historical data combined with streaming data across multiple markets will be immediately available for use by customer applications removing the need for financial institutions to store, manage and constantly update this vast amount of information. Combining real-time analysis with historical analysis on a single unified platform gives PrizmScope users a distinct advantage over their competitors who must manage disparate, unlinked systems.

With OneTick's analytical capability, PrizmScope users can run analytics on trade and quote data, merged order books and custom data sets as needed by selecting real-time or historical market data for specific ticker symbols, data fields, and time frames. In addition with OneQuantData customers will have access to hosted historical refereference data, corporate actions and symbol changes. The data can be queried and visualized in tabular form or graphically via a GUI tool provided to the clients.

"Our PrizmScope Tick Data Cloud service is designed to meet financial institutions' ever increasing need to store and efficiently manage historic data", said Tanuja Randery, CEO of MarketPrizm. "Typically, historical data solutions are expensive and difficult to manage. We have worked with OneMarketData and Colt to overcome these problems for our clients by deploying a scalable, powerful, ready to use, analytical solution on our own infrastructure. PrizmScope Analytics will help clients increase their profitability by fine tuning their trading strategies and enabling them to capitalise on market opportunities in a shorter time."

"We are pleased to help launch PrizmScope Tick Data Cloud Service, the only European hosted market data analytics solution that leverages the power of OneTick for trading firms who are looking for a competitive edge" said Leonid Frants, President and Founder of OneMarketData. "Traders and researchers now have a centralized, single point for real-time signal generation and historical tick data analysis enhanced with all standard tick data analytics from correction cancellation handling to order book building and aggregation, as well as optional corporate actions adjustments." 

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