Activ Financial adds more Canadian exchange market data

Source: Activ Financial

-Activ Financial, a global provider of fully managed low-latency and enterprise market data solutions, today announced that it is now providing market data from all Canadian exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems, delivering a fully comprehensive portfolio for the North American market.

ACTIV has long provided high-quality market data from the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture, Montreal Exchange and Alpha Exchange. The recently finalized expansion provides traders interested in Canadian equities with access to information from all marketplaces, ensuring that users are able to quickly and efficiently review all pricing options.

"Canada is one of the most important trading markets in the world, and clients are already taking advantage of the extensive data we are delivering through our global infrastructure ActivNet," said Judy Yun, Global Content Manager. "With the addition of Chi-X Canada, Pure, TMX Select, and TMX CBBO and CLS we are now able to offer a complete solution for Canadian data to clients around the world."

ACTIV will also be providing its North American clients normalized Canadian market data through the firm's aggregation product, Virtual Book. Originally developed for US Equities and adapted for FX trading, Virtual Book can be utilized by any organization interested in receiving a consolidated view of the Canadian order books either aggregated by price, broker or market. The tool enables traders to view multiple feeds simultaneously, providing clients with the ability to evaluate data in a consolidated fashion and eliminating the need to manually organize information.

In addition to the Canadian Virtual Book, a new ADR level 1 feed will be deployed to transmit full depth for dually listed securities from the United States to Toronto in an efficient and cost-effective manner when compared with directly sourcing ADR's via leased telecommunication lines. Both the Canadian Virtual Book and the ADR feed utilize Activ's enhanced ActivFeed 2.0 distribution technology and low latency network infrastructure ActivNet. 

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