Fime extends MasterCard contactless terminal testing support

Source: Fime

Fime has enhanced its acquirer services offering with the upgrade of the SAVVI test log analysis tool.

The new version supports the latest MasterCard PayPass Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) Specifications, which were released in February 2012 to replace the existing PayPass TIP process, and complements FIME's Formal Approval services.

From August 1 2012, acquirers implementing contactless terminals must adhere to the new PayPass M-TIP Specification. Over the coming weeks, and until the deadline, acquirers with previously approved MasterCard TIP contactless readers may continue to use the existing PayPass TIP process for new terminal integration projects.

As the global leader in consulting and terminal integration test services for acquirers, FIME has updated its SAVVI test tool in response to the release of the new MasterCard PayPass M-TIP Questionnaire, which determines the tests that need to be undertaken by an acquirer. Used in conjunction with FIME's test cards qualified by MasterCard as validation test tools, this advancement enables FIME to offer an efficient integration test platform for contactless readers, which is of significant relevance to vendors and banks that manufacture and deploy payment terminals. It provides stakeholders with the ability to debug and test their contactless payment terminals in preparation for formal approval and deployment.

"Compared to the same period last year, there has been a marked increase in the total number of contactless projects and it is clear that contactless continues to be a growth area in the payments industry", comments Vincent Poty, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at FIME. "FIME will continue to support MasterCard in pilots and test services to ensure the smooth roll-out of contactless payment solutions. Having worked with MasterCard and its members since the introduction of contactless payments, we are able to support the efficient transition to PayPass M-TIP."

Retaining its 'three-in-one' offering, SAVVI acts as a test log analysis tool, a process management tool and tutorial, while adding further functionality to accommodate MasterCard's latest requirements concerning contactless terminal testing. It automates the matching and analysis of test results, which helps to avoid errors during the final validation stages of a terminal integration project, thereby saving time and development costs. SAVVI version 1.2 adds to FIME's portfolio of dedicated test tools for use in the telecom, e-payment, transport, e-identity and logistic sectors. 

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