RTS connects to Chinese futures markets

Source: RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS), a leading global trading solutions provider, today announced that it has established connectivity to the four Chinese futures markets.

RTS, known as a provider of low latency solutions for trading, connectivity, hosting and risk management across 135 markets, now offers access to the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), Dalian Commodities Exchange (DCE), Zhengzhou Commodities Exchange (CZCE) and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEx).

Combined with the RTS execution systems, such as the popular RTD Tango algorithmic trading solution, buy-and sell side clients in China can quickly code, test and deploy customized algorithmic trading strategies for these markets. RTS can enable clients in China to build and test trading ideas such as multi-leg intelligent spreaders, or execution algorithms such as VWAP1, TWAP2 or Volume-in-Line strategies.

Brokers can build customized algorithmic strategies in the firm's RTD Tango engine and make these available to their buy-side customers in RTD Tango Trader. RTD Tango Trader allows traders to select and deploy customized algorithmic strategies provided by their brokers or institution. RTS solutions are server-based and also available in a fully hosted environment in close proximity to the exchanges.

Commodity trading firms that trade physical commodities -- such as gold, silver, copper, oil, sugar or grains -- can use RTS software solutions to hedge their positions across markets, effectively automate their spread trading strategies and reduce the 'legging risk' and slippage.

Said Andy Woodhouse, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at RTS: "There is a growing demand throughout the Chinese institutional investor and trading community to provide traders with customized algorithmic strategies. RTD Tango will let sell-side firms build customizable algorithms for their buy-side clients, which will operate on domestic markets and manage high volumes of order flow."

Said Christophe Rilinger, Head of Business Development and Marketing based in Hong Kong: "Our experience in other markets and long-standing efforts to build our presencence in China have prepared us well to provide solutions adapted to the very specific requirements and challenges of Chinese institutions. With the services we are offering in China, we are pleased to continue the development of our vast global exchange network, and we take particular pride in our extensive offering throughout the Asia Pacific region." 

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